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About John...

John Zukowski provides strategic Java consulting through objective commentary on Java-related technologies, mentoring, training and curriculum development, technical editing, and software architecture and development. He received a B.S. in computer science and mathematics from Northeastern University and an M.S. in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.

For the past fifteen years, John has been enthusiastically enthralled by Java technology, from the late alpha stages, to its current state. In the fall of 1995, John founded the Mid-Atlantic Java User Group (MAJUG), which he coordinated until his move out of the area. He currently serves as vice chairman of ACM's WebTech Chapter in Boston and participates in the Java Community Process, including on the Expert Group for JSR 176 (J2SE 1.5 / Tiger) and JSR 127 (JavaServer Faces / JSF). Occasionally, Mr. Zukowski can be found teaching web technology classes at Northeastern University.

John Zukowski is a writer and developer specializing in Java and related Web technologies. He is the author of Java 6 Platform Revealed, Definitive Guide to Swing for Java 2, Third Edition, Learn Java with JBuilder 6, Java Collections, Definitive Guide to Swing for Java 2, 2nd ed, and John Zukowski's Definitive Guide to Swing for Java 2 from APress, Java AWT Reference from O'Reilly and Associates, as well as Mastering Java 2: J2SE 1.4, Mastering Java 2, and Borland's JBuilder: No Experience Required from Sybex. In addition, John has authored over 200 articles related to Java technologies and formerly served on the Senior Advisory Board of JavaWorld.

Pre-Java, John was a C/C++/X Windows/Database/Network programmer for Rapid Systems Solutions, a Maryland-based consulting firm, now known as Per-Se Technologies, and Booz·Allen, and Hamilton.

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