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Looking for an answer to your Java-related question? I answer questions and provide solutions for my clients all the time, and they pay for that expertise. Now, you too can ask me to answer your question, anytime, at a fraction of the cost of what big companies pay.

Just send $27 to me via PayPal with your question and we'll get started.

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Small Print: You are paying for my time outside of those spent on client efforts. Each question is US$27.00 or the equivalent in local currencies acceptable to PayPal. Once sent, I'll acknowledge receipt of your question. Not all questions have valid answers, which could be the answer given. Other questions, I might not know the answer. If that is the case, I'll do my best to direct you to resources that will help you find a valid answer. Note that you are paying for my time, not the answer. Ask more than one question and I'll pick the simplest to answer. Price subject to change. Use advice and answers solely at your own risk. John and JZ Ventures, Inc. are not responsible for your actions. Absolutely no refunds.

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